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Technical Assessment Of MBVR Internet Vigilante Group

Note: On August 19th, 2022, in the case Ross V. Berdyck, a ruling was issued, by Magistrate Vanessa Griffin, which confirmed the existence of the following vigilante group known as Matthew Berdyck Victim Resources (MBVR). 

Matthew Berdyck is an American filmmaker, activist, journalist and founder of environmental activism firm,, an organization which investigates corruption at the U.S. EPA, investigates and exposes cancer clusters, exposes corruption in the redevelopment of still polluted Superfund toxic waste sites, and runs viral media campaigns exposing toxic ground water plumes which negatively affect human health.  Matthew also occasionally fights anti-corruption causes outside of the subject environmental activism, including consumer activism and police corruption causes.  He is credited in ABC News, Roanoke Times, as a documentary filmmaker and activist, occasionally contributes to the New York Times, uncredited, via US military leaks. He travels the country working as a stringer (videographer) for local and national news outlets, creating breaking news content. (fire, weather, emergency incidents).

He has generated over 10 million readers, fought environmental based battles in hundreds of cities, and has traveled to over 2,800 cities, towns, and villages, investigating the U.S. EPA’s controversial and falling Superfund project.  

Matthew developed custom proprietary methods of disseminating information via the use of highly specialized social media campaigns; viral media in the form of custom, local geo-targeted promoted posts.  The campaigns were successful in reaching and directly engaging a large percentage of the voting population of any given city, town, or village, and in most cases over 80% of the total population of a targeted municipality.  The campaigns served as intense, blanketed exposure of controversial information.  The activist demonstrated a consistent ability to take over and disrupt the functioning of entire city governments and can still do this. 

During Matthew’s career, due to the power he demonstrated, he has often become the enemy of local government, media, and police status quos (heretofore collectively referred to as “the status quo.”), in various jurisdictions.  His willingness to fight against the status quo has frequently made him a target of retaliation; attempts to frame him for crimes, negative media, targets of local groups supporting the status quo (out of a misguided sense of loyalty to “their town,” effectively treating him as an outsider, even in places where he’s maintained residences.) The status quo of these localities often banded together to launch various forms of attacks; online harassment, break ins to his homes, trespassing incidents, e-mail harassment, real world incidents, weaponized court orders, and numerous forms of civil rights violations (conspiracy against rights, right to travel, right to housing.)

From the beginning of his career, until 2019, Matthew was legally disabled, giving him federal civil rights protections to his housing status, making it a hate crime to take his housing away from him.  

In particular, as crimes occurred against the activist, police refused to offer police services, local journalism suppressed the incidents, or engaged in the attacks, elected officials made misleading public statements misrepresenting Matthew. In numerous localities, the status quo enjoined with a self admitted vigilante group called Matthew Berdyck Victim Resources (MBVR), a group dedicated to the destruction of the activist. 

MBVR is composed of a publicly stated group of people who all take key roles in aiding and abetting corrupt status quos in “getting rid of the annoying pest.” The group is composed of Peter John Ross (filmmaker, leader of group), Diane Dimond (journalist), Ernest Halcon (former LA County DA investigator), Jayne Hitchcock (Anti-cyber bullying activist), Bob Bowcock (Erin Brockovich employee/water expert), Brian Myers (St Joseph, Missouri City Councilman), and other parties. 

The group offers an online platform, including weaponized social media (social media accounts used for targeted harassment), search engine optimization (special tactics to manipulate search results), negative media services, and engages in behind the scenes, aggressive telecommunications harassment, via the use of over 800 social media and online accounts (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, WordPress, etc), to wage 365 day a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day direct, private harassment.  The key mission is to not only use these services to falsely portray themselves as victims, but to also wage a vicious psychological torture campaign designed to target and emotionally destabilize Matthew Berdyck, with the intent of provoking emotional outbursts than can exploited to further their own interests.  He’s been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, as a result. 

MBVR is a private group which serves its own interests, only portraying themselves as fighting on the side of whichever member of a local status quo they’ve engaged with.  They work, fastidiously, to destroy the actvist, at the expense of any party.  No human being, no matter how vulnerable, has been spared in their single minded mission to devour and destroy Matthew Berdyck.  The group operates on the principe “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” frequently recruiting members of a status quo who have a vested interest in the various corruption schemes Matthew is trying to expose.  These status quos, in exchange for the services offered by the group, offer MBVR members blanket immunity from criminal prosecution, the ability to break any law they want, no matter how severe.  

The group’s activities operate within a grey area of statistical likelihoods, based on the principle that no one could possibly believe they exist or that this story could be true.  Via the group’s public statements (recorded audio interviews) they even claim they don’t exist while simultaneously admitting to engaging in what they call “vigilante justice.”  Privately, the group sends Matthew Berdyck e-mails stating, “The best trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.”

The role each MBVR member takes is diametrically opposed to the alleged role each member plays in society.  The anti-cyber bullying activist bullies.  The former police officer/DA investigator breaks laws.  The allegedly reputable journalist embellishes or falsifies news.  The unbiased documentary filmmaker makes one-sided political propaganda films (Nowhere Man/Social Media Monster).  Everything in the world of MBVR is frequently referred to as backwards.  The group operates in this manner to create cognitive dissonance, to generate an atmosphere where no one who views their content, when compared to content generated by Matthew Berdyck, can determine what is and isn’t true, with the effect of erasing the activist’s credibility.  Viewers of MBVR content often refer to engaging with the subject as “falling down a rabbit hole,” a reference to the bizarre reality encountered by Alice in the book Alice in Wonderland. 

The foundation of the MBVR scheme is a series of interviews, conducted podcast style, which purport to tell the story of each alleged victim.  In 2018, the group offered up 3 hours of statements which contain almost no cohesive narrative, when interviews are compared to each other, relying on the concept of overwhelming the audience with disinformation and misinformation. The group presents no point by point evidence.  Instead, each party relies on their own authority (a logical fallacy known as calling to authority) and points the listener to a Google Drive filled with thousands of pieces of alleged evidence, none of which provides backing of the statements presented within the audio interviews.  Based on the volume of evidence, status quos, or anyone else, never take the time to “go down the rabbit hole” and learn they are being scammed, simply because no one has the time to sort out such a vast scheme, and in most cases, no one cares if they’re pulling a scam,  just as long as it helps get rid of Matthew Berdyck.  

In other cases, where there has been no agenda on the part of various parties, mostly in the case of journalists, it’s been easier to state “this guy is crazy” and sweep the story under the rug, without ever taking the time to listen to or look at the evidence. The same concept has reverberated throughout police agencies, as well.  Many of the parties who have stated “this isn’t a story” or “there’s no crime committed here” have failed to listen to the story or look at actual evidence, rather choosing to discount the series of events before listening to the actual facts.  

Moving throughout the narrative is the continued concept of the unlikelihood of the situation, but things that are unlikely to happen still happen.  (There is a party out there who’s been struck by lightning twice, parties who’ve drowned in a teaspoon of water, families that have been killed when bridges arbitrarily collapsed on them, people who have won the same lottery many times.) Rather than admit and become intrigued at the possibility of experiencing a unique and potentially new, original situation, a lack of understanding, training, awareness of the core concepts, or even lack of intelligence, leads to the status quo viewer stating, “This can’t be happening.  This guy is crazy.”  

One of the core missions of the MBVR group is to keep Matthew Berdyck unhoused, via any means possible, to prevent stability, deny access to ongoing mental health treatment to deal with the ongoing effects of being a stalking victim, to close off access to friends and intimate relationships, affect his ability to generate a stable income, and to form key relationships with status quos who could help end this groups national reign of terror.  

MBVR operates with an entirely self serving mission, protecting itself from being investigated and exposed. 

When the group is not directly engaged with a corrupt status quo, MBVR participates in behind the scenes activities to remove Matthew from homes in places where he’s not fought battles, where he has lived peacefully, and has become involved in no political or social reform causes. These activities have created a situation where Matthew cannot live anywhere in the US, without becoming a target, no matter what he does, and even if he makes positive contributions to the community.  Once the group begins to infect the status quo with propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation, people ask no questions, fall for the ruse and the activist loses his home and is forced to move on to yet another city.  To date, Matthew has lost 8 homes and several hundred thousand dollars in emergency moving fees, to protect himself from becoming a victim of crimes and entrapment attempts.  

Matthew has been required to adapt to the situation, in spite of the fact that he’s the victim of an ongoing felony conspiracy, and has tailored his life (unwillingly) to living on the road, building a van life vehicle, living under a pseudonym, operating a business which can function in any city, avoiding close relationships, isolating himself from the rest of the world, desperately trying to avoid being found and targeted while attempting to maintain a “normal life.”   It’s nothing less than abhorrent that an American citizen, engaged in constitutionally protected activities, would have to live in this manner, while an organized crime operation is allowed to propagate its crimes because the group happens to protect the political interests of a status quo.  Many might say “This can’t happen in America” but it is happening, right under the noses, and sometimes with the protection and participation, of those who are sworn to uphold Mr. Berdyck’s rights, including the FBI, who have not only witnessed these crimes but continually refused to investigate and have sometimes participated. 

The net result of becoming a target of a status quo, being denied access to police and media, creates a cumulative effect of reminding Berdyck that any party, no matter how nefarious, can commit any crime they want against him, and if they are caught doing so, they can simply join MBVR and declare themselves victims, with a full campaign of media to back their false allegations.  In numerous localities Matthew has been the victim of crimes, attempts to frame him for crimes, or targeted by police (subject to swatting incidents, false arrests, frivolous tickets, etc.) The group continually exploits and abuses police services to exact their goals.

Privately, the group communicates with status quos, manipulates them, whether Matthew is fighting or not, then uses a web of fake e-mail addresses to forward their communications with leaders back to Matthew, just to him know they’ve found him, have begun operating, and to mock him, “They believe us and not you.”  In fact, several members of the MBVR group are scam victims who appear to be wholly unaware of what they’ve are involved in.  

Once Matthew recognizes that a status quo has joined with MBVR, his fear is reasonable and rational, as the parties engaged with MBVR are aware they are a party to a felony conspiracy, this inflicts emotional distress, the type of distress that any human being, no matter how stable, would experience and perceive as a threat to their safety.   The intent is clearly understood, “Get out of our town or we’ll hurt you or allow you to be hurt.”  Yet, Mr. Berdyck has a clear and present right to be not be treated as an outsider, no matter where he goes, in the United States. (Right To Travel)

The record actually reflects that as Matthew Berdyck has traveled to over 2,800 cities, he’s not fought battles but only in a select few areas, but that MBVR has vastly over-amplified the “trouble” he causes.  There is not a trail of 2,800 cities of real world or online incidents, but that MBVR focuses only on incidents which occurred in four cities.  Left out of their campaigns are places where the activist has peacefully fought, where no drama or madness has erupted, where the MBVR campaign failed to take hold for a bevy of reasons, mostly related to design flaws in their system.  The MBVR campaign only works directly on corrupt elected officials, crooked journalists, and in towns with a population below 25,000, and is wholly dependent on the campaign’s ability to create rumor mills, to lure in proxy recruits, used to exact the dirty work of MBVR.  It’s the vigilante group themselves that are exploiting populations and triggering madness, not Berdyck.  

The public campaigns of MBVR act as a proxy recruiting campaign, or an online scam designed to lure in people to do the group’s dirty work, and have drawn in hundreds of thousand of innocent people, scammed them, and fired them back at the activist, resulting in internet mobbing incidents, online attacks, false reports to police and FBI, and a host of other incidents.  The campaign is designed like a Nigerian scam, in a way which detracts people with logical reasoning skills but draws in parties, which the group refers to as “useful idiots.”  These useful idiots, most of which do not realize they are being used, launch intense targeted attacks against the activist.  Publicly, the group responds to any questions about its activity, with, “Can you believe he is crazy enough to think a group is after him?”

MBVR doesn’t consistently directly attack Matthew Berdyck’s environmental efforts, because this would breed opposition, but muddies the waters of reality with unrelated political propaganda, portraying the activist as an enemy of police, exploiting Blue Lives Matter sentiment.  When a predominantly conservative community is engaged, the activist is branded as an left-wing extremist enemy to law enforcement.  When left leaning groups are involved with MBVR, the group shifts its message to portray him as a right-wing anti government nut job, demonstrating an idealess, shifting narrative, with no continuously cohesive message.  The mission is say anything, no matter what, to isolate and attack Berdyck.  

MBVR maintains extensive volumes of pre-fabricated Matthew Berdyck themed content; audio interviews, background records, identifying information about vehicles, dossiers , PDF’s, entire falsified documentaries, locations, lists of known associates, screenshots of the results of their own incidents.  The group submits this data to local governments then files public records request to obtain copies of their own submissions, stamped with seals from government offices (to make the content appear to be government generated.)  The leader of the group, Peter John Ross. can be shown to have an “answer for everything.”  When questioned, Ross is able to present an entirely pre-fabricated set of records used to respond to any potential allegation that can be used against the group, the structure of which reveals the massive and extraordinary organized effort placed into wiping out Matthew Berdyck, at all costs and to prevent the group, itself, from being held accountable.  

Peter John Ross, and other MBVR parties, have engaged in Herculean efforts to suppress the other side of the story; frivolous DMCA complaints, false privacy complaints, using webs of unrelated or dismissed court records to manipulate Trust & Safety departments of social media companies, filing vexatious civil stalking protraction orders to generate initial court records and circulating them whether dismissed or not, gaming failing moderation algorithms of online services.  The group maintains group e-mail lists and Facebook groups to create “power flagging” attempts by sending a group of 40 supporters to flag every piece of content Berdyck posts. 

As the MBVR machine operates, an anonymous e-mail address is used to send the results of their efforts back to Matthew Berdyck, or to menace him with future efforts, continuously admitting their actions, bragging about successful manipulation attempts, completely outlining their entire scheme, so only Matthew knows exactly what is happening to him, as he’s publicly portrayed as “crazy” for talking about what is being done to him.  One member of the group, Ernest Halcon (former LA County DA employee), attempts to portray Matthew Berdyck as believing he is a victim of a “deep state plot” when he does not believe this and believes this is a group of private citizens who are engaged in these acts, that are simply offered immunity for their crimes, by local, state and federal governments.  

Historically, the MBVR group was not formally named and publicly advertised until 2018, but the same parties engaged in these activities all the way back to 2012, prior to Matthew becoming an activist.  That Matthew only later became an activist, in 2014, only served to give the group the appearance of the activist being retaliated against for his environmental and other activism efforts. From 2012 to 2014, Matthew was simply a filmmaker who made TV pilots, music videos for Grammy nominees, and short films.  When Matthew had success as an activist, only then did the group start waging war against his activism campaigns.  

Peter John Ross escalated the situation in 2018 when he became convinced his efforts had gendered enough content that no one could possibly believe the back story.  He announced a movie called ‘Social Media Monster” after years of searching for an elected official crooked enough to directly and publicity engage with him and MBVR.  He found this party in St. Joseph City Councilman Brian Myers.  From 2018 to 2021 Myers, Ross and other parties directly engaged in an entrapment attempt, waging a pure, vicious psychological torture campaign, against Matthew, by running over 800 social media accounts, e-mails, sending the activist over 400,000 harassing e-mails, slamming him with frivolous court cases, slowly destroying him financially until he ended up homeless and fighting to survive.   

Peter John Ross, Myers,  and MBVR joined up with Columbus City Attorney Zack Klein after Matthew announced that he was going to expose corruption in the city of Columbus and Franklin County; city of Columbus cyber crimes investigator Dave Fox and elected officials in Columbus had received and were aware of the ongoing entrapment or false crime allegations committed by Ross, going back to 2015.  According to Peter’s own public statements on his blogs, he’s been engaged with the Columbus Police Department and the City Prosecutor’s office, all the way back to 2007, long before Berdyck was involved.  Ross turned out to have a wave of past victims, going back two decades, who had all experienced the same type of targeting, as the City of Columbus and Franklin County continuously aided and abetted his crimes against innocent parties.  Dave Fox witnessed and received hundreds of the anonymous harassing e-mails and ignored them as Ross and Myers continuously stalked Matthew, orchestrating a willful attempt to get the activist to break the law; Ohio law states the crime of entrapment is committed when a private citizen engages with any elected official or police agency, operating outside the color of law, with the intent of triggering the victim to commit a crime.  

Since 2018, numerous police agencies, FBI, and prosecutor’s offices have flatly refused to investigate the crimes committed against Matthew, over the previous ten years, extending professional courtesy to Halcon, Klein, Fox, and other involved elected officials and law enforcement, essentially covering for Ross and enjoined parties by participating in an investigatory cover up of the other side of the story.  The corrupt system is protecting itself from an activist with a demonstrated history of ability to reform corrupt systems.  Numerous city and county governments, all with conflicts of interest in the matter, have covered for Klein, Fox. Halcon, Myers, and Ross, a group of people have extreme conflicts of interest.  

As the cover-up has continued, the stalking incidents against Berdyck have drastically increased, escalating to death threats, threats of cannibalism, threats to kill Mathew’s mother,  use of federally regulated hate speech, revealing an anonymous party who is slowly tipping into madness and psychosis.  The crimes have worsened, as police agencies and prosecutor’s act in concert with MBVR to suppress the other side of the story, to brand Berdyck as a dangerous criminal, and permanently stop his ability to engage in reform of governments.  Low level warrants are left in place to stop Berdyck’s FOIA activity, to prevent him from securing gainful employment and housing, to dominate him and leave him living in a deranged world of corruption and duress, to stop him from engaging in powerful, life saving activism causes.  The city of Columbus leaves the warrants in place and refuses to schedule a hearing, as Ross continually threatens Berdyck that camera crews will be present in the court room to film his arrest and feature it in the film, out of context, even if the case is dismissed.  The Columbus City Attorney’s Office is fully aware of Peter’s threats and ignores them, allowing Ross to intimate and harass Mr. Berdyck, in the  interest of protecting their own status quo.  

Even if Matthew is exonerated, Ross has demonstrated that he will continue to engage in his one sided narrative and scams against communities, with no regard for the facts, and will continue to do so until he is investigated, captured, and jailed.  Ross and MBVR are a lawless group of cyber terrorists who have committed hundreds of thousand of separate felonies against Berdyck, but have also harmed millions of innocent people by destroying the work of, leaving tens of millions of innocent victims, in two countries, exposed to still polluted federal clean ups.  The matter has escalated to the act of chemical genocide against entire populations of people, all to protect the political agenda of a few cities. 

These officials, journalists, and police have been very clear, human life has no value to them; they must keep themselves in power, and the only way they can do so is to crush Matthew Berdyck. 

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