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Luis Rodriguez Threatens Defamation Lawsuit Against Daily Independent Journal

Luis Rodriguez, a previously accused dangerous predator, has announced his intent to file suit, in the state of Florida, against Daily Independent Journal, for “slander per se,” claiming our previous article about him is defamation.

This lawsuit comes on the heels of Rodriguez already filing a fabricated stalking protection order against Matthew Berdyck and winning only by default judgment, then sending Berdyck dozens of harassing e-mails since the injunction was granted.

Daily Independent Journal stands behind our writing and will fully defend ourselves to these completely false claims made by Rodriguez, a man who we feel is a vexatious litigant or a person who abuses the courts to get his way.

Luis is a man who committed an atrociously abusive series of events against Matthew Berdyck and now wants to hide his actions.

Rodriguez is continuing to demonstrate his willful abuse of the Florida court system by filing in a state and court that has no personal jurisdiction over this media outlet or its writers.

Berdyck has said that based on an extreme volume of harassing e-mails from Rodriguez, over the last month, that he plans to file a restraining order against Rodriguez, in the state of Ohio.

Currently, Ohio courts are closed due to a coronavirus stay at home order which is set to be lifted on April 6th.

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