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Christy Waltz Signs on as writer for anti-environmental attack website

Eugene, Oregon writer Christy Waltz has official signed on as a writer for an anti-environmental attack website called The Lemon Report, a malicious website posing as a media outlet, used solely to wage a political war against activist and Daily Independent Journal editor, Matthew Berdyck.

Since the formation of the Lemon Report, 4 months ago, the site launched an aggressive campaign of online abuse and real-world stalking, even selling dartboards which feature the activist’s face.

The Lemon Report launched a wave of false copyright complaints against the web host of Daily Independent Journal, causing us to have to rebuild the site on a whole new host, just to mitigate the false copyright complaint attack.

Christy Waltz has even taken her anti-environmental attacks into a court of law, obtaining a falsified restraining order, with the records being slathered all over the internet.

These records are used to spread around the communities where is working to protect the health and safety of the local citizens.

It seems that Ms Waltz has now turned on her previous beliefs that she wanted to protect the environment and is has now established herself as an enemy to the cause.  She is vile human being, an animal, not even worthy of being considered human, for her work attacking an organization that exposes cancer clusters.

Ms. Waltz, you are a supporter of corruption, an attacker of environmental causes, and nothing more than a gas & oil company big business supporting shill.

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