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Andrew L. Rossow ESQ. Blocked Us For Asking Him To Help Capture A Cyber Stalker

Andrew L. Rossow claims to be an internet crime lawyer, in Dayton, Ohio, and a law professor at the University of Dayton.  I learned of him when I clicked on a Facebook Fan page that was created to cyberbully me.  The person attacking me was a fan of his page.

Rossow claims to be against cyberbullying, so I sent him a few messages, telling him my story.  I also pointed out one of his fans was stalking me and showed him his connection to this stalker.

The situation I am in is terrible.  At one time, I was a very successful filmmaker and activist until an Ohio cyber predator, named Peter John Ross, started targeting me and destroying my life.

Today, I am fighting to save myself and my career from this man’s online abuse. I’ve been left in a position where I have had to tell my story thousands of times, trying to find an attorney to assist me.  It’s been nothing less than a nightmare that’s lasted over seven years.

Peter John Ross has caused intense damage to my activism causes by using the internet to spread false information about me, my causes, and even my children.

Since Andrew L. Rossow was in Ohio, I asked him if he could take some time to review my case and help me.  Rather than respond, with no warning, he blocked me from contacting him, leaving me stuck in this awful situation.

I might be less forgiving if the attorney didn’t have an entire website claiming he stands up against cyberbullying.

We now know the facts about Andrew L. Rossow:

If you are a victim of cyber abuse and you reach out to him, expect to be disregarded and blocked, without him even taking time to hear out your case.

In this regard, by looking the other way, Andrew just facilitated and enabled my stalker to continue getting away with his crimes.

My story is a very powerful example of what happens when a person becomes victimized by a cyber predator and then tries to reach out for help.   There is no relief.  People like Rossow only make it worse, making it so the victim has to tell their story over and over and over again.

If you are a victim of stalking, let this article be a warning, don’t bother attempting to contact this guy unless you want to feel the pain of being shut down, all over again, for the thousandth time.


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