Missouri's 'Ramey Memo' Offered Once In A Life Time Record Deal

St. Joseph, Missouri - Deep in the backwoods of inner St. Joseph, Missouri, the band Ramey Memo hides away in their studio/ 4' x 5' storage space, hard at work on their fifth debut album in 2 years.  

"When we got the message, we were just out of our minds.  I thought to myself, this can't really be happening, can it?" says Tyson Buttstuff, lead rhythm player for the art-rock three-piece. 

Raye Lynn, the non-gender specific member of the band, was less enthused, "I'm not impressed by anything, least of all some fancy record deal," just after going out and purchasing a brand new 1996 Kia Sephia, to celebrate. 

"I've worked for this for at a week," said Garner Quillion, "and to think, only last week I was unemployed and had no future, to today, where I have a real record deal."

Just as we were finishing up our interview, the moment arrives, the terms of the deal.  The envelope is opened with feverish delight and then silence ensues as all three of three struggle to read.

"Buy 12 records for only one penny!" shouts Buttstuff, as an asterisk reveals that each additional album will cost $23.99.  

The band screams, pats each other on the back, as Ray Lynn gushes, "I've been dreaming of this since I was a small whatever I am."

Ramey Memo hopes to start their 38 date tour this winter, consisting of 38 straight shows at The Tiger's Den.