Hollywood Producer Groped By Hundreds Of Women Looking For Opportunities In Their Careers

Arleta, California - Scandal rocked Hollywood, today, when Billy Gordon, real name Hiam Fefkasankawitzofskistein, revealed that he'd been groped by hundreds of woman who were looking for opportunities in their film careers.  

Gordon said, "I've lived with this secret for many years but I can live with it no longer.  I think this is a powerful subject and my story can raise awareness of men who are exploited in the industry by these dangerous predators."

Gordan alleged, in his statement to TMZ, "It was terrible.  I was subject to hundreds and hundreds of unsolicited blowjobs. These women didn't care about my hopes and dreams.  They didn't care about my passions. They didn't care about my compellingly irreverent, one-man show, about my deeply troubled but quirky childhood, that was called 'saucy' by Juan De La Lopez of the Calexico Gazette.  All they wanted was a job and I knew it!"

After Gordon came forward, upwards of five to six-thousand other powerful Hollywood men came forward with similar stories, all telling tales of simply wanting meet and discuss business, only to be taken advantage of sexually by hopeful actresses.  

He said, "I feel so much relief since I've told my story and it's empowered me.  No more will I lie back and get my dick sucked and be expected to help these woman find acting work.  In fact, I've even started a new hashtag for other victims to identify themselves, #WeAlso."

It's estimated that 10 out of every 10 powerful men in Hollywood are approached by budding starlets offering blowjobs and seeking work.  These men stay silent for fear of losing their jobs after getting #MeToo'd 

Billy Gordan hopes that his movement will spread like wildfire and bring strength to victimized male producers all across the globe, saying, "We need to band together as men and stand up for ourselves.  I mean, I'm an associate producer for C-SPAN, so I can't imagine how bad it is for the big guys over at Telemundo."