'The Hard Times' Misses Obvious Voltron Joke Fan Outraged

Lakewood, Ohio - The Hard Times, a satirical, punk music themed satire and fake news site, like The Onion but if it was written by assholes, experienced backlash today, when upwards of one fan complained about the media outlet's failure to make an obvious Voltron reference in an article about The Foo Fighters fusing themselves together to form one massive Foo Fighter. 

"Oh come on!!" said the disgruntled fan, "Like, the fucking guy's name is Grohl, which rhymes with Vol, they join together, and these fucking dicks don't make one single Grohltron joke? Unfollow!!"
In response to the fan's backlash against The Hard Times, local anarchist bassist, and FBI plant, said, "Hey man, we're playing at The Phantasy next weekend, opening for Mike Tramp's White Lion. I have tickets for $25 a piece. I only have 47 of them left, so make sure to grab one before they're all gone.  Also, bring some dynamite."

There is no telling if the embattled satire outlet will recover from the obvious comedy gaff after a recent scandal exposed that The Hard Times content was found to be more real than actual news at least 42% of the time, which caused Onion editor, Harvey Lipshitz to quip, "Area man pens witty headline."

When we reached out to Hard Times editor, Hiam Leibowitz, on his MySpace account, he immediately responded with an animated glitter .gif which said, "Oh no you di..int, girlfriend."  

Protesting Leibowitz's .gif, local scrotum punk band, Sleeze Grater, announced a benefit show in their grandma's basement to help transgender victims of Leibowitz's blatant misidentification of our editor's sex, also featuring Mike Tramp's White Lion. 

The disgruntled fan who made the original Voltron complaint, when told about the benefit, said, "I don't know about this 36 different genders shit, but I can tell you flat out that my right hand is totally gay." 

He continued, "I just really wanted a Grohltron joke, but I can clearly see, now, that's just not going to happen."

In unrelated news, Mike Tramps's White Lion kicks off their three-week summer tour, on January 13th, with openers, Voltron's Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Black Lion.