Op-Ed: Warren County Sheriff Should Resign Over McDonald Allegations

Front Royal, Virginia — As waves of controversy wash over Warren County, Virginia, concerning the bombshell lawsuit filed against Economic Development Authority Executive Director, Jennifer McDonald, I'm reminded of the rash of crimes that were committed against me after I exposed McDonald and the EDA - via my organization, SuperfundResearch.org - for creating a fraudulent economic development deal, involving Curt Tran and IT Federal.  

This morning I am receiving volumes of apologies, not only from private citizens but also from elected officials, for everything I've endured after I ran my viral article showing that there was no $40 million dollar contract and that McDonald was orchestrating a massive scam against the community and the Town of Front Royal.  

What most people aren't aware of is what happened after I published, a series of events that further points at the corruption in the Warren County Sheriff's Department and how the embattled sheriff worked to protect McDonald from being held accountable for her actions.

Only a day after I published, the harassment and threats of violence started rolling in, from friends of McDonald, calling me a fraud and a con man.  False news attack articles were published by Royal Examiner writer, Roger Bianchini, who is still sending me vile, unreadable e-mails, to this very day, bragging about how he exposed me to the community, a fraud we all now know wasn't really a fraud buy was a bitter reality that no one wanted to accept. 

I felt so scared by the threats that I was forced to leave my home in order to protect myself.  Once I left, friends of McDonald — a digging contractor and his wife who stood to make a profit from IT Federal — threatened to break into my home, while I was over 2,000 miles away, in Colorado.

The Warren County Sheriff's Office, an officer named Gordon Foster, responded to the threats by telling me that they were conducting patrols in my neighborhood, on the look out for any would-be intruders. Yet, even with these patrols being conducted, someone still trespassed on my property, threw trash all over my yard, damaged my BMW and took photos of themselves trespassing.  Later, the intruder posted the photos of the trespassing to menace me.  

Once they committed this crime, I realized that there was no way I could feel safe in my home and I was forced to move, in the middle of the night.  

The Warren County Sheriff's Office then failed to investigate the identity of the intruder and the case was buried, all to protect the business interests of the Warren County Sheriff and his best buddy, Jennifer McDonald.   

As a then disabled person — I am no longer legally disabled — these threats of violence that took my home were a federally regulated hate crime, under the Right To Housing hate crime law, but the Sheriff and his cohorts looked the other way, as did the rest of City Council and the local media, including Mr Gully, the Northern Virginia Daily writer who is now leading the charge against McDonald, even though it was NV Daily's refusal to report on the subject that allowed McDonald to continue to get away with her now exposed alleged crimes, in the first place.

As all of this transpired friends of McDonald spread false rumors about me in Front Royal Facebook groups, which caused even more attacks and threats. The Sheriff was more than aware of what was going on after I spoke directly with Gordon Foster and explained the situation, yet because of the Sheriff's financial ties to McDonald, he completely allowed these felonies to be committed against me. 

Now that the record has been corrected and the public now knows the whole truth about McDonald, my story is a reminder that the Warren County Sheriff should not be allowed to retire early but should immediately tender his resignation, along with Gordon Foster and the other officers that threatened me, via phone, when I had called to report the crime at my home.  

At the end of the day, due to the efforts of myself, Mark Egger and former Councilman Egger, there is no official in Warren County, from the Front Royal City Council who were in office, at the time, to the EDA, to the local media, to local authorities that can't deny that they were aware of what McDonald was up to.  It's undeniably true that all of them, including the local media, were aware of McDonald's fraud and allowed it to happen.  

I hold the Sheriff directly responsible for what happened to me and the rest of community who were victimized by McDonald and her excessive corruption.  

As I said several years ago, the people need to stand up and fight because if they don't, how long will it be before the community is rocked with yet another scandal? 

Note: The Warren County Sheriff's Department was contacted for commentary on this article and did not respond. Northern Virginia Daily writer J Gully was contacted for this article and also did not respond.