McDonald Police Interview Reveals Front Royal PD Was Aware Of EDA Criminal Activity

Front Royal, Virginia - As ridiculously escalating scandals continue to rock Warren County and The Town of Front Royal, the recently leaked Front Royal Police interview, with Jennifer McDonald, revealed that Front Royal Police investigator Crystal Cline maintained a binder on the activities of our sister organization

Beginning in January of 2017, our organization worked to expose IT Federal Deal, along with the fraudulent $10 million loan to Curt Tran.

The police interview, which covered the alleged rock throwing incident and break-ins to the EDA, in May of 2018, also featured McDonald's completely false claim that this writer was paid by The Town of Front Royal to investigate the IT Federal Deal. In response to McDonald's statement Cline seems to confirm the now embattled former EDA Director's claims by saying, "Right." was not paid to conduct our activities, as this effort has actually cost the organization well over $25,000.  We have continued to be an ongoing victim of the now-disproven Royal Examiner articles accusing this writer of being a fraud, allegations which have followed us all over the country and have greatly damaged our ability to expose corruption, cancer clusters and toxic ground water plumes in other communities, including our efforts to expose a toxic ground water plume in downtown Flint, Michigan. 

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Crystal Cline's admission that she is possession of this binder reveals that the Front Royal Police were wholly aware of the possibility that the IT Federal Deal and loan were fraudulent but that they failed to investigate the matter, rather choosing to turn the focus of their efforts on

The biggest question that many citizens have had is who was aware and when?

With Cline's revelation of the police files she maintained on the subject, all the way back to the beginning, we can now establish that the Front Royal Police were aware as far back as January 2017.

This writer also made statements directly, via phone, to Warren County Sheriff investigator, Gordon Foster, in April 2017, as to McDonald's alleged criminality and explained to him how the IT Fed scheme could negatively impact the finances of citizens who were opening businesses in order to meet the economic boom that never came. 

Now that the spotlight has been shone upon the unprecedented corruption happening in Warren County, we hope that the Virginia State Police will immediately add the Front Royal Police Department to the list of witnesses questioned during the grand jury investigation and that the Virginia State Police and FBI will make sure everyone who knew, and failed to act, is held accountable.

Over the weekend, when we attempted reach out to the Front Royal Police, via phone, we were hung up on several times by disapatchers who refused to connect us with a senior officer, threatened us with arrest and then an officer named Leonard stated that he would not take a complaint about the actions of Crystal Cline, saying, "If you have a complaint, you are more than free to walk into this police station any time and fill out a complaint form."