Photo source: MLive

Flint Superintendent Cancels Classes Due To Westboro Baptist Church Protest

Flint Superintendent, Derrick L. Lopez, issued a letter, today, canceling classes at Southwestern Classical Academy, in the wake of Westboro Baptist Church's planned protest at the school.  

Westboro Baptist Church, known most notably for it's offensive "God Hates Fags" protests, plans to protest the school after they appointed a transgender student to homecoming court, two years ago. 

Lopez said, "we are unequivocally ‘Flint Strong,’ our children and families have been through enough," in his letter to parents, which was posted on the Flint Community Schools Facebook page. 

Parents were supportive of the closure, with many saying that they felt it was inappropriate for Westboro Baptist Church to involve children in their political and religious battles.  

Flint, Michigan was the site of mass lead poisonings, in 2014, when the drinking water source was switched, but corrective chemicals were not added to adjust for the change in the water source. 

12,000 residents were exposed to lead, which leached from the coating of the pipes, into the water supply.  Flint still does not have clean water.