Cyber Terrorist Group Threatens To Begin Activities In Marion County, Iowa

Marion County, Iowa - MBVR, short for Matthew Berdyck Victim Resources, has issued an e-mail threat to begin conducting cyber-terrorist activities in Marion County after it was revealed that our publisher lives in Knoxville, Iowa, the county seat.  

MBVR is a vicious political smear campaign organization that conducts disinformation campaigns used to suppress the activism work of Matthew Berdyck.  

Berdyck is the founder of, a powerful environmental firm that was recently involved in the exposure of what is now being called the Largest Embezzlement Scheme in Virginia History, surrounding the redevelopment of the Avtex Superfund site, in Warren County Virginia, the largest Superfund remediation in The State of Virginia. 

The publicly stated members of MBVR are Adam Roorda, Peter John Ross, Ernest Halcon, Bob Bowcock, Diane Dimond, Jayne Hitchcock, and several anonymous parties.  This group was formed to fight Berdyck's efforts to expose corruption.

MBVR uses a web of over 180 social media accounts, search engine optimization, fabricated news articles, pumping out an aggressively loud and patently false narrative used to attempt to disrupt the work of Berdyck and, literally bullying him and harassing him, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  

Examples of MBVR's activities were efforts to disrupt Berdyck's efforts, in 2013, to hold the Region 5 EPA accountable for the corruption that later led to the Flint Water Crisis and the resignation of the Region 5 EPA Administrator, efforts to protect now 14 felony charged Jennifer McDonald, in Warren County, Virginia, and efforts to stop Berdyck from cleaning up the groundwater in Bartsow, California, which was burning babies skin due to high chlorine content.  

In each case, MBVR used their web of false information and targeted citizens in the town, encouraging them to commit crimes against Berdyck, inciting trespassing, damage to his vehicles, trash being thrown all over his yard, with the resulting incidents being photographed and posted all over the internet in order to menace the activist. 

In order to protect themselves from being charged with stalking, they've recruited Ernest Halcon, the former bodyguard to the LA County DA's office and former FBI special agent, who is used to cajole police agencies into dropping cases that involved MBVR.  

Using over a half a dozen audio interviews, filled with over 3 hours of false information meant to overwhelm investigators, MBVR has repeatedly been able to disrupt Berdyck's ability to procure police services, as crimes are actively committed against him by unsuspecting local citizens who have fallen for their ruse.  

The e-mail received from MBVR, only moments ago, states, "The Portland Police got sick of your bullshit. Soon the sheriff in Marion will be too. And it seems likely Jason is already aware and working towards finding out what he can do. MBVR never stops the hunt. They never relent. And MBVR never fails.  You should know that by now."  

In December, after Berdyck started receiving unsolicited threatening messages, he went to the Police in Portland, Oregon, attempting to secure police services.  In response, MBVR then bombed the police department with hundreds of messages filled with false or manipulative information, until the police refused to file charges against the sender of the above e-mail.  Since then, the e-mail address has sent Berdyck over 30,000 harassing and threatening messages.  

Only a week ago, this same e-mail address sent messages to the Denver Police, claiming that Berdyck had weapons in and "white powder" in his vehicle, attempting to incite a swatting incident, where police respond to the false complaint and detain the victim.  

Six months ago, MBVR successfully succeeded in causing a swatting incident, in Pennsylvania, when they'd contacted police in North Perry, Ohio claiming that Berdyck was going to commit a terrorist act against Perry Nuclear Power Plant.  The officer who received the tip pinged Berdyck's cell phone and located him in Pennsylvania, where an APB was put out.  

Berdyck was then apprehended and surrounded by police officers who had no idea why they were detaining the activist.  The officer in North Perry admitted he was tired and not paying attention and apologized for his actions.  The North Perry Chief of police later stated that they had tracked the anonymous phone call, placed from a burner phone, to Akron, Ohio, the location of one of the members of MBVR.  

Earlier tonight, MBVR member, Adam Roorda, who lives in L.A. but is from Pella, Iowa, issued the following statement, via our Facebook fan page, "You also might want to look deeper into the area your’re (sic) in before you start running your mouth with these false accusations. You’re stepping in the biggest cow pile you ever have. Authorities and the old family townsfolk will be notified. This ain’t Kansas Toto."  

Roorda, who joined MBVR last year, found Berdyck on the internet after he'd read a viral article published in Des Moines, Iowa, that had made it all the way to California, and began publicly harassing the activist after Adam had to look up information on Berdyck and found the MBVR smear campaign.  Roorda fell for it and then began slathering Berdyck's fan page with false posts created by MBVR, attempting to disrupt the activist's efforts to get a man arrested who had beat up a woman in The District Bar.

Berdyck said, "That's the thing with MBVR.  They lure in idiots, with false information, encourage them to harass me and then the person who has been roped into their scheme joins up with them and participates in the disinformation campaign, with no awareness that they are basically enacting out the very set of allegations I am making against MBVR in the first place.  It's insane how stupid people are and how easily MBVR has been able to manipulate people like Adam.  I feel sorry for him."

The MBVR smear campaign is designed like a Nigerian scam, in that it's been created to lure in the most gullible people and to push away anyone who is smart enough to see through it, leaving intelligent people to wonder who could possibly fall for the scam.  In that way, the scam also has the effect of causing police, media and other officials to not take it seriously.  

Compounding matters, as Berdyck has traveled the country, fighting these battles against corruption, the media in thousands of cities have flatly refused to write about him.  

"Because of what I would call widespread corruption in the US media, national and local, I've all but been erased from the history books, leaving people to wonder, 'if you're so famous then how come I have never heard of you? 'My father was a police officer and if every act of heroism he'd conducted was featured in a news article, he would have been famous by the time he died, just like any other police officer, and my circumstances are no different," said Berdyck. 

Berdyck announced, last week, that after seven years, he is finally taking the matter to the California Superior Court, by filing a lawsuit against Erin Brockovich water guy and MBVR member, Bob Bowcock.  

Bob has been accused of conducting a false interview that has been used to spread false information, in retaliation for Berdyck's efforts to publicly expose that Brockovich may have been responsible for the destruction Hinkley, the town from the film Erin Brockovich, after she'd told residents to move away and sell their homes because of the Chromium 6 content in the water. 

Berdyck said, "Back when lived in Lenwood, 7 miles from Hinkley, I was documenting the demise of the small town, which was being knocked down with bulldozers, for a film project called The People of Hinkley.  

"One day it occurred to me that there are hundreds and hundreds of towns, cities, and villages in the US that have Chromium 6, in the groundwater, so why is Hinkley the only place where Erin told everyone they had to move?  Bob's been threatening and harassing me ever since."

Brockovich, who became a national hero after the film of the same name was released, has repeatedly been exposed by media for scamming communities in order to generate funds from lawsuit winnings.  

The most notable example of fraud was when after the Hinkley suit, both her and Ed Masry attempted to file a frivolous lawsuit over the Benzene content of the groundwater at Beverly Hills High School.  

Brockovich's plot was foiled when a judge ordered her to reveal her testing results.  The resulting revelation of her water testing showed that Erin had lied and exaggerated and that the benzene levels were unremarkable.  

Another example of deceptive behavior is Brockivich's claim to have been first on the ground during the Flint Water Crisis.  

A lawsuit recently revealed that when Bob showed up in Flint, it had nothing to do with the lead content of the drinking water, the subject of the crisis, but he had visited to discuss the bacterial content of the water.  Erin was proclaimed a national hero for her efforts in Flint even though she had virtually nothing to do with exposing the crisis

"Erin is incapable of being honest.  I remember during the Porter Ranch natural gas spill, she'd claimed it was the worst environmental incident since Deep Water Horizon.  She actually went on TV and said this but did not reveal that she is a paid spokesperson for a law firm and has been reported to have been paid $50,000 for her personal appearance.  

"The actual worst spill, then and now, is the one-hundred million metric ton plume of methane above the four corners region of the US, but Erin can't sue the sky so she buried that fact, in the interest of the almighty dollar" said Berdyck.

Brockovich and Berdyck have been at odds for the last several years after Berdyck started traveling the country, for, and learned that she was approaching communities and offering to conduct investigations but would often disappear when there was no money to be earned.  An environmental reporter for NBC Bay Area, who wishes to not be named, told us, "We hear that a lot."

Berdyck said, "The officials and police in Marion County need to take this e-mail I received exactly for what it is, a terrorist threat.  While some might not think it's that big of a deal, the MBVR scam is designed to make people think it's no big deal. 

"This group will invade the county, they will surreptitiously harass unsuspecting officials and police with false information, they will use a web of fake Facebook accounts to spread false information in local Facebook groups, until they find a mark who they can convince to commit a crime against me, at my home, causing madness to erupt all over town.  I've seen it happen in dozens of communities, already."

Police officials or other officials in Marion County should be advised that if they are contacted by any member of MBVR, or one of their anonymous accounts, that each online service (Gmail, Facebook, YouTube) has a law enforcement hotline.  

The police should subpoena the identity of the sender of the harassing messages and immediately charge them with stalking, telecommunications harassment, making false statements to police and any other applicable violations of the law. 

"I have reason to believe, from messages that I have received, that the sender of these threats is in St. Joseph, Missouri, and is connected to Councilman at Large Brian Myers."

"Just remember that when it comes to people stalking Matthew Berdyck, nothing is what it seems, and be aware of the wolf in sheep's clothing.  Since I was a victim of four months of harassment that occurred in Marion County, I have more than enough evidence to help the police charge these people with felonies, if necessary, including Adam Roorda."

Interested parties can learn more about Matthew Berdyck, who has just re-released his 2013 immersion documentary about homelessness, Blame Reagan, at