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Ares Management Sells Toxic Waste Site To North Shore University Hospital

LAKE SUCCESS, New York - Daily Independent Journal has learned that Ares Management, the parent company of Guitar Center, and Aspen Dental, facilitated the sale of a Superfund toxic waste dump to a hospital.

“On March 27, 2016, Willkie helped its client, an affiliate of Ares Management, L.P.(owner of Guitar Center), sell an office condominium unit comprising approximately 375,000 square feet in the 1 million square foot mixed-use complex located at 1111 Marcus Avenue on Long Island, New York to North Shore University Hospital.  

The sale was complicated by ongoing environmental remediation efforts by the former owner, Lockheed Martin, on the property, which is a state Superfund site.”

The New York State Superfund Record of Decision (ROD) for the site states:

“Volatile organic compounds in contaminated groundwater or soil may move into the soil vapor (air spaces within the soil), which in turn, may move into overlying buildings and affect indoor air quality."

"This process, which is similar to the movement of radon gas from the subsurface into the indoor air of buildings, is referred to as subsurface vapor intrusion."
"The potential for subsurface vapor intrusion to impact indoor air has been addressed in current on-site structures by the continued operations of sub-slab depressurization systems (active and passive) and a soil vapor extraction system."

"Based on environmental sampling, the potential exists for people to inhale site contaminants in indoor air due to soil vapor intrusion in any future on-site building development and occupancy (if those institutional controls fail -ed.).”

There are environmental controls in place, to prevent exposure to people who visit the facility.  However, these institutional controls are known to fail.

An example would be the incident at Google, in 2011, when a worker switched off the ventilation system, at their Quad Complex, in Silicon Valley, subsequently exposing hundreds of Googlers to Trichloroethylene (TCE), a now banned cleaning and cooling agent which is known to cause cancer, and cause multi-generational effects, when the fumes are inhaled.

Google'a campus sits on top of the Middlefield Ellis Whisman Study Area, where three large plumes of toxic chemicals meet, in the groundwater. 

TCE is the same chemical present in the groundwater under the Ares property.

There are currently 88 Superfund toxic waste sites, on the US EPA's National Priorities List, in the State of New York.