Daily Idependent Journal Introduces US EPA Superfund Document Downloader

Matthew Berdyck

The United States Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund toxic waste site project is program to clean up the 1,300 worst toxic waste dumps in The Unites States.  

The Superfund project created has a half a billon public records, of which only about 2% to 3% are publicly available on the US EPA's website, and are quickly disappearing, after a recent redesign of the US EPA's servers.  

Daily Independnt programmer, Alex Hwang, has created a Python based web scraper, or document downloader, which allows any citizen to run the software, specify a toxic waste dump, and the software will then download all the publicly accessible records for the particlar site they are investigating.  

The software is currently available in stand alone form, as Alex works to implement the scraper into a web based application, which will be featured in Daily Independent's Public Records section.  

There are 33 Superfund toxic waste sites in Missouri.  

The Superfund project, which has been plagued with decades of mismanagement, cost over $400 billon dollars, in the last thirty-five years, with only around 250 sites that have been cleaned up.