York Police Assist Dangerous Cyber Predator

There is a deranged woman, named Jayne Hitchcock, that lives in York, Maine.  She claims that she is an "anti-cyberbullying activist," but she's really one of the most dangerous cyber predators on the planet, using her organization as nothing more than a front for intense cyberstalking efforts, mostly against men.  As she admits, she uses a large web of law enforcement officials to target, isolate, and harass innocent citizens all over the country, people who have not been charged with or convicted of crimes. 

The problem with Jayne is she doesn't allow for due process of law, nor does she collect any evidence or speak with her victims before she attacks them. She acts as judge, jury, and executioner of any human being she targets.  She then latches onto her victims and destroys their lives whether they are guilty or not, using an anonymous internet account.

When she is caught or gets a response from her target, she runs to the police and claims she has a stalker, continuing her psychotic ritual of cyber abuse while posing as a victim. 

I can say this with utmost certainty because I'm one of her victims.  Jayne has been stalking and harassing me for over five years, which she stated in an interview, tracking me down all over the country, as I travel, working as an activist, filmmaker, and journalist.  She states that she uses her police resources to illegally obtain addresses or locations of her prey, by getting the police to abuse their own record systems, a tactic she's used on me repeatedly, along with filing false reports about me in cities I don't even live in. 

Over the course of my career, she has destroyed my efforts to expose cancer clusters, she decimated public education about toxic groundwater plumes, she's demolished efforts to stop construction on top of toxic waste dumps.  No community I have been fought for has spared her wrath, indicating a single-minded mission to devour me at all costs, no matter how many people get hurt in the process.   

In every city I move to, she tracks me down, contacts local officials and police, lies to them, turns them against me, and so far it's caused me to have to move, numerous times, due to repeatedly becoming a victim of crimes after she's manipulated the community by spreading false information, leaving me unable to get police services.  I've lost at least a hundred thousand dollars from being forced to pack up in the middle of the night, just to escape the angry mobs she's created with her smear campaigns and lies.  

Even though she has caused me all of these intense financial loses, and intense psychological truama in the process, she claims I am "stalking her" and "wants justice," when all I want is for her to leave me alone and stop hurting the communities I am fighting for.  At one point she jumped the shark and even helped a man who assaulted a woman get away with the crime, just to "watch me fail," as it was put by one of her associates. 

Over the last several weeks, I have received thousands of harassing e-mails from an anonymous e-mail address, all of which mention Jayne and her "Army of supporters," but also make the severely schizophrenic claim that they are a CIA agent.  These e-mails also have messages directly from Jayne's outbox, forwarding them to me, just to menace me and let me know she's stalking me.  She's doing this because she wants a response she can take to police and further accuse me of stalking her. 

The fact that she has to go to these lengths to get a response proves she's not being stalked in the first place but is really the harasser, looking for any way she can to frame her targets for crimes. 

Last week, I learned that Jayne was filing false complaints with the York, Maine Police.  I called them to make a statement but received very little help from officers who seemed to be unwilling to accept that Jayne had pulled the wool over their eyes, yet were just as unwilling to look evidence which proves that everything I am writing about is true.  Instead, I had no less than three officers talk to me like I was slime, for no reason whatsoever. 

It was only three days before the anonymous account that has been threatening me started contacting me and giving me details from my conversations with York Police, revealing that the police are actually assisting and communicating with the person who is stalking me and sending me these terrifyingly disturbed e-mails, one of which was sent directly to the police chief where I live, indicating that Jayne plans to continue viciously stalking me in my new community.  

As I'm 3,000 miles away, trying to work with police in my city to get the person harassing me arrested for telecommunications harassment, the York, Maine Police are feeding information to the anonymous predator I am trying to remove from my life. 

This conduct by the police is atrocious because at no time have they asked me for evidence or investigated any of my claims.  The York Police have joined up with Jayne to help wreck me, in the face of volumes of evidence against her, even after having the entire situation explained to them.  The police are blinded by a woman who is literally scamming them while laughing in their faces. 

This is why I say Jayne is the most dangerous predator on the planet because she uses her organization, Working to Halt Abuse, and the York, Maine Police, to crush innocent people's lives, all the while portraying herself as an anti-cyberbullying activist, a wolf in sheep's clothing, who's hurt a lot of innocent people with her deceptive actions, including the millions of people I have been trying to educate about the EPA's controversial Superfund project to clean-up 1,300 massive toxic waste dumps, in the United States. 

My message to the York, Maine Police, get out of my life until you're willing to do your jobs and investigate my allegations against Jayne.  Your contributions to the account that is stalking me, threatening me, is reprehensible but it also backs up my statements about Jayne using the police to orchestrate her crimes.  

Until I have been afforded due process, your department leaking my private conversations to a civilian and then having those statements used in crimes committed against me is nothing more than you making yourselves accomplices, and any officer who has assisted her with these crimes should be immediately investigated.  

The York, Maine Police should also open up an investigation into the activities of Jayne Hitchcock, to help save more innocent people from becoming victims of Jayne's vile and destructive cyberstalking habit.