York Anti-Cyber Bullying Actvist's Twitter Account Features Abusive Content

Jayne Hitchcock travels to schools and works with children

York, Maine - Jayne Hitchcock is the founder of Working to Halt Online Abuse, an organization which claims to fight cyberbullying.  Her bio also credits her as the founder of WHOA - KTD, with the latter acronym standing for Kid Teen Division.  

Hitchcock claims she visits schools around the country and educates children about the dangers of the internet, but this alleged advocate's Twitter account for her mascot, Scooby Hitchcock, tells a very different story.  

Once she visits these schools she directs children to follow her mascot's Twitter account where they are greeted with a web of inappropriate content.  

Jayne's post on this account address subjects such as sex trafficking, murder, sex cults, and anal sex, essentially abusing the very children she claims to be protecting.  

Introducing children to inappropriate content, like what is featured on her Kid Teen Division, is a denial of innocence and a form of child abuse.

While the internet has provided access to this type of content for anyone to view, parents of children who work with Ms. Hitchcock need to be aware of her disturbing behavior and keep them away from her abusive Twitter account. 

It seems that with this revelation also comes the additional revelation that Jayne Hitchcock may not be what she seems.  

Her websites claim that prior to visiting schools she cyber stalks children on Facebook and other social media properties obtains access to personal information, which she then presents to students in order to show them the dangers of the internet.  

Considering the content of her Twitter account, it seems that Jayne may be a wolf in sheep's clothing, using her organization as a front to not only stalk innocent children but to also lure them in and cause emotional harm.  

Our opinion is that considering the position this woman holds in life, that she needs to be held accountable for her actions before she harms any more children. 

When we reached out to Jayne for comment, she refused to delete the abusive posts and filed a false police report about us, to the York Police, claiming we're harassing her for asking her to stop posting adult content on an account for children.