Who Is Really Responsible For Jennifer McDonald's Alleged Crimes?

Front Royal, Virginia — There's one glaring fact that many people in Front Royal, Virginia seems to be missing; that it would be impossible for Front Royal Mayor Hollis Tharpe, then-sitting Town Council members, Brett Hrbek, EDA board members and Front Royal and Warren County media to argue they weren't aware that the IT Federal Deal was fraudulent, along with the $10 million loan.

Two years ago, when my organization, SuperfundResearch.org, exposed the IT Federal Deal, our article went locally viral, in Front Royal.  In short, everyone saw it and all hell broke loose.  Within that article was 100% undeniable evidence that there was no $40 million dollar contract, including links to government websites confirming these facts, and pointed observations that a fraud was committed when the $10 million dollar loan to begin construction at the old Avtex site was acquired.

Once the allegations were exposed, via the recent EDA lawsuit, Tharpe immediately feigned ignorance, saying "We drank the Kool-Aid," with the Town Council apologizing to Councilman Egger, claiming they should have "heeded her warnings."  However, no apology was issued to this writer.  In my case, there weren't warnings, there were facts, glaring, intrusive facts that were presented directly to the Front Royal Town Council, Sheriff, local media, and EDA board members.  

At that moment, all of them had a choice.  The leadership could have immediately taken action and stopped McDonald dead in her tracks, or they could have chased the trouble maker out of town and allowed McDonald to continue her alleged schemes.  They chose the latter.  

A few days ago, one local citizen posted on Facebook that I was a coward — posts that were forwarded to me — and that "It doesn't take courage to fight for justice.  It takes courage to stay and defend your home."  I would have gladly defended my home if anyone had showed up while I was there.  Instead, intruders waited until I was in Colorado, on business, to trespass not only on my property but on the private property that encompasses Blue Mountain, where I lived, in Linden. 

After friends of McDonald, who stood to profit from the IT Federal debacle - Joe Andrews an and his wife - posted my address in groups on Facebook, someone showed up at my house, threw trash all over my deck and yard, started and drove my BMW, damaged it by ripping off the gas cap and they took photos of themselves standing on my deck.  I learned of this after an anonymous Facebook account messaged me with the photos and there are police reports which were filed by Gordon Foster which confirm this incident. 

Considering that I travel 100k miles a year, leaving my house vulnerable, without any ability to defend myself from thousands of miles away, with the police refusing to investigate the identity of the person who committed the crime, I decided that the only way I could protect the near $100k in belongings I'd had in my cabin, was to move.  

After I'd published and the local leadership and Royal Examiner attacked me, trying to protect their fake economic development scheme, I quickly realized that the retaliation was not going to stop.  There's no real way to defend your home from a corrupt political machine. 

Royal Examiner writer, Roger Bianchini, was the most aggressive, something he continues to be to this day, immediately publishing articles defending Jennifer McDonald, deleting the comments, on his article, that supported me and corrected the record, working as hard as he could protect McDonald and the IT Federal Deal. 

Bianchini, who has demonstrated, repeatedly, that he has a personal relationship with McDonald - even going as far as publishing the gambling cover story used to explain why McDonald had so much money -  only claimed to have investigated the IT Federal Deal, using a ruse, in that creating the appearance of adversarial investigative journalism, a grey area was created that would give Royal Examiner culpable deniability when later questioned about why they protected and defended McDonald from the now revealed true allegations.  

I'd originally commented that Royal Examiner's investigation into IT Federal was brilliant, until I figured out what they were up to, running a mild-mannered local newspaper that suddenly converts in a government corruption supporting propaganda machine when needed, a tool for the Mike McCool owned Royal Examiner to use when the stability of the status quo is in danger.  

While Norma Jean Shaw and Bianchini have been revealed as false news artists, Josh Gully, at Northern Virginia Daily, chose a different tactic, to use media suppression to bury what had been done to me.  Unlike Bianchini, Gully was at least smart enough to understand that false news articles could be corrected, but suppressing media has the power to erase history, as he's now trying to do, to this very day. 

The other media outlets in the area were no different.  All of them had promoted this economic develpment scheme, with no investigation, even failing to conduct investigative journalism when Counciman Egger blew the whistle.  

In spite of contacting Mr. Gully, and the owner of NV Daily, six times since the scandal was published, he's flatly refused to publish my involvement, for two reasons;  One, if he admits I was right then he admits that he also sat back and did nothing as McDonald allegedly pulled her fraud scheme, making him just as a responsible for everything that happened as the Town Council, Mayor, EDA and everyone else.  Two, the act of suppressing my involvement continues to protect himself and others from being accused of being complicit by lack of action. 

My line of thinking is that crooks are going to be crooks, which is exactly why we need police - the same arguement for gun ownership - and that there was a group of people surrounding McDonald, all with the ability to hold her accountable; Mayor Hollis, Town Council, The EDA Board and local media.  When McDonald realised she had the support of everone around her she carried out her alleged schemes.  

As the grand jury convenes, I would like to be called to testify so that what happened to me can be added to the prosecution's case and used to not only demonstrate that everyone knew but they even worked to silence me so they could continue to defraud the citizens of Front Royal and Warren County. My own police report confirmed story is the evidence needed to take them all down.  I am living proof that they are all criminals who need locked up. 

Today, these same people are all still doing everything they can to discredit me and bury me, even going as far as orchestrating massive social media attacks in local Facebook groups, working with the very same anonymous user who originally sent me photos of the incident at my home, two years ago, a user who can be found continuing to spread false information, working to protect everyone from little old me. 

In the last several days, I have received repeated threats, via e-mail, telling me that if I attempt to testify before the grand jury that I will be arrested, along with at least a half a dozen threats of violence on social media, with one person even going as far as creating a fake video that is being circulated around town, as Councilman LeTasha Thompson shames me all over social media, doing her best to protect Hollis Tharpe from my allegations.

A former local fire official, Derek Mabie, has told me, "Why don't you come talk to me man to man, and stop being a keyboard warrior?" trying to intimidate me while laughing that he's untouchable, saying he's made a lot of calls to important people, to take me down, saying "No one here is afraid of you and your scams," after I stuck up for myself agianst LeTasha Thompson's ridiculous public claims about me that caused hundreds of people to mob me. 

Messages to the Town Council, Warren County Sheriff and Josh Gully have gone unreturned, in spite of simply asking for an apology from Warren County, Front Royal leadership, Northern Virginia Daily and also asking for an investigation to be conducted into the vandalsm and subsequent loss of my home.  

In the end, nothing has changed in Front Royal.  The way the Sheriff, the Town Council and media are handling all of this, continues to be a shining beacon of their own corruption and could even be construed as obstruction of justice, since they are desperately and aggressively trying to hide what they did to me so they can't be held accountable for what they all worked together to do to the Town of Front Royal and Warren County; a massive fraud scheme that resulted in the loss of $17 million of the tax payer's money.  

Correction: This article has been corrected to reflect that the man who claimed to be a fire official, Derek Mabie, is actually a former fire official, that left in January, who dragged the volunteer fire deparment into this for no reason.