What To Do If You're Approached By St. Joseph FBI Agents

St. Joseph, Missouri - C. Andrew Thomure is a corrupt FBI Special Agent who operates outside the boundaries of federal law and continually fails to uphold the rights of citizens of St. Joseph.  

If you're approached by this man or his colleagues at the Kansas City Office, simply ask them to leave and to come back with a federal warrant.  

Don't be intimidated by him.  Don't fear him for any reason.  If he's got his hooks in you, count on the fact that he has no authorization from senior officials to conduct his blatantly unlawful and aggressive harassment.

If he fails to present any form of federal authority, tell him to shove off and take a hike and rest assured that he won't be back.  

If you need the FBI's assistance with any matter, Agent Thomure will not help you, nor will he make any effort to collect evidence if you attempt to report a crime.

Special Agent Thomure is an embarrassment to law enforcement and a shameful, bigoted human being, who deserves to be fired for his staggering lapses in duty and willingness to cave to special interests. 

If he persists in harassing you or fails to collect evidence, make sure to immediately file a complaint with the Department of Justice over his unlawful and disgusting behavior.