Is The St. Joseph Media Responsible For The Rise In Crimes?

St. Joseph, Missouri - As the virulent wave of violent crimes and murder sweep the City of St. Joseph, Missouri, it's becoming excessively clear, to this writer, who it is that can ultimately be blamed for the city devolving into a warzone.  

Let's start with a simple fact; criminals are going to commit crimes.  This concept is not unique to St. Joseph, Missouri, of course, but there is no denying that the adage when the cat is away the mice will play is hard at work in the City of St. Joe.  

The police aren't investigating crimes. A call to the St. Joseph Police is more like gambling, in that one can't even be sure if they'll show up.  When they do show up, they stand there are stare at citizens blankly and say, "What do you want us to do about it?  Blame the prosecutor," and then don't take reports. 

When the SJPD does investigate, the prosecutor's offices aren't following through with the cases, instead choosing to take the easy cases so they can bolster their numbers and make themselves look good with manipulated statistics, further confirming the statements of the weary, underpaid officers, who I'm sure - from my conversations with them - are sick of wasting their time on pointless investigations. 

The elected officials are doing nothing to hold the police and prosecutor's accountable because the city and the county profit from the revolving door nature of the failing criminal justice system, a problem the Department of Justice has found in many cities across the country.  

The local FBI agent, C. Andrew Thomure, isn't investigating corruption in the police. Whether the prosecutors are doing their jobs or not, the police are required to investigate, collect evidence, and file reports about crimes, lest the PD be accused of attempting to skew crime data to make the city look better. 

Special Agent Thomure, in fact, directly refused to trigger an investigation into the conduct of the SJPD, and refer the matter to the Department of Justice, when we filed a report with his agency.  Even more ridiculous, when he showed up at our office, he showed up unannounced, giving us no time to prepare evidence to accompany the complaint we'd filed. When he was questioned about this lapse in judgment, he screamed, "I do whatever I want!"

When a bad situation arises in a citizens life and they become marginalized.  Taking the matter to the people, who should be hopping mad about the state of affairs in St. Joe, results in the person who's been victimized becoming further victimized by the citizens who want them to sit down, shut up, and stop complaining.

All of this has created a culture of citizens either taking justice into their own hands or brazenly committing crimes because they know they won't be charged.  Why are there more guns on the streets?  Because the citizens are arming themselves as a direct result of the collapse of the system.  In the absence of justice, I completely understand why these victims of the broken machine go out and pick up a weapon.  

Ultimately, who is responsible for holding all of these alleged leaders accountable?  The local media outlets, News-Press NOW, and KQ2, that both have the power to stand up, fight, and educate the citizens about the leadership failures that are causing the escalating criminality in their embattled city.  These media outlets have the ability to change paradigms.  Anyone remember Watergate or Love Canal?

The media is supposed to be the voice of the people, not the voice of the local status quo.  But in St. Joseph, don't expect this to happen because of the local media representative's complete lack of courage and failure to conduct investigative journalism.  The will of The Bradleys, and to a lesser extent, Heartland Media, has been done. 

KQ2 news director, Andy House, said, "It's not that we don't have an interest in conducting investigative journalism, it's that we don't have the resources."  This statement is utter garbage because it takes nothing more than a set of fingers, a computer, and the will to report, to expose corruption.  Case in point, Daily Independent Journal has zero funding and I'm still typing this article and releasing it to the public for consideration.  

News-Press NOW is even worse. I've sat back and watched several of their stories roll through my newsfeed, in the last few days, that have featured nothing more than reputation management for the police and city.  The Mayor stated that the violent crime rate has been reduced 8%, but did the reporter mention that even with an 8% reduction that the crime rate is still 48% higher than it was six years ago?  

Of course reports of crimes are down since the police started refusing to take reports.  The alleged reduced crime rate may also reflect that people know the police aren't going to help so they have stopped calling for assistance.  There are many sociological reasons, outside of the available statistical data, for the crimes rates to appear to be moving in a downward trend.  Did Officer Brady, the SJPD officer who collects crime data, explain this?  Did News-Press NOW provide a disclaimer about basing their statements on statistics alone?

Another News-Press NOW article talked about the disappearance of a sign in front of the police department, with the statement from police claiming that because the bolts are still in the signpost that this suggests the sign wasn't stolen.  However, one look at how the sign was mounted on the pole reveals that all one would have had to do is bend the sign in the middle and it would have slipped right off the mounting, leaving the bolts intact.  

Even the cops are being robbed and it's not being called a crime.  I guess that helps lower those pesky crime rates, doesn't it?

I've seen images of angry citizens showing up at city council meetings, demanding more officers, but let me be the first to tell you if you weren't already aware, those feckless morons in the city council and the mayor's office can be counted on for nothing. Do you really think a beard-necked loser like Brian Myers is going to lift a finger to make things change?  He's too busy wasting city resources and bullying me on the internet to actually get off his lazy, fat ass and fix anything.  

In response to citizen demand, the police chief made commentary to News-Press NOW, for another article, that the department doesn't need more officers, they need citizens to commit fewer crimes.  Well, Mr. Chief, why would the citizens not commit crimes if they know they can get away with them?  Why would you do your job, by forcing your officers to do theirs, if you know that Agent Thomure and The Department of Justice aren't going to make sure you're held as responsible for the failures of your department?  

And when the chief does perform a biblical miracle and get his officers to do their jobs, who will hold the local prosecutors responsible for not taking the cases into court? Certainly not the local media. 

A prime example is Kristen Carver, News-Press NOW government propaganda artist.  She's made her entire career posting positive content about the police and local government.  What I'd call a Badge Bunny, she just loves them so much that they can do no wrong in her eyes, so rather than report on a citizen who had her car stolen as the cops made no effort to find it, Carver publishes pro-police public relations pieces, instead.  

It's pretty clear that Carver will do anything she can to make the police look good, instead of focusing on the problems within the department.  In that regard, she's simply not a journalist, but nothing more than a public relations officer for the local officials. 

Another example is a news article, from earlier this year, where Carver touted the reduced crime rate at the beginning of 2018, comparing the time period to the previous year, rather than the year 2015, when crimes rates originally skyrocketed.  In her article, she defends the city, selectively cherrypicking data points, in order to make it only appear that life is improving for the citizens, classic doublespeak. 

Mayor McMurray said, of Carver's selective data, “Those who have experienced a crime are going to be more likely to resist the credibility of these numbers, but these are the facts." Yes, sir, that may be true but are they the facts that are relevant to the actual series of events or are they the unrelated facts you've selected which agree with your agenda of not making yourself look like a blustering buffoon for your festering failure to lead?

If the citizens want real change, they need to line up outside of the offices of New-Press NOW, and KQ2, and hold rallies demanding that the media step up and do their jobs as journalists. But, this will never happen.  So when your mother gets shot in the face, the next thing you can expect is a compelling news article about the new police dog and what kind of kibble it eats, from Kristen Carver and News-Press NOW. 

The local media has the power to unite the people against the corrupt system that is wrecking St. Joseph, by continually going after the crooked crooks that run the city and influencing the citizens to stand up for themselves.  Sadly, these members of the media don't do this because they are just as a big of a part of the corrupt system as the rest of the flailing-figured circus clowns that are in control of St. Joe.

The next time there is a murder in St. Joseph, don't go after the cops, don't go after the elected officials, don't go after the prosecutor, even though it's almost entirely their fault the city is failing. Go after the local media and blame them for the deaths, because without a strong set of journalists in St. Joseph, the brainless illiterati running the place, who are wrecking it with their incompetent old boy network supporting antics and dragging the city straight to hell, will never be held accountable.