The Response To My St. Joseph Hate Crime Article Has Been Fascinating

On December 29th, Daily Independent Journal released an immersion investigative journalism piece about hate crimes that were committed against me by a group of people connected to Councilman Brian Myers.  I'd expected a backlash, but what I got in return has been so fascinating that I feel that I need to share it.  

In the article, I named Brian Myers, Peter John Ross, and Tyson Bottorff, among others, as people who worked to commit this hate crime against me.  Today, each one of them has fought back in their own unique ways.  

Ross fought back in the way he usually fights back, by filing false Digitial Millenium Copyright Act complaints, in an attempt to illegally use copyright laws to get negative content removed.  Myers followed suit, sending the exact verbatim copyright notice to our host. 

Myers went further and sent me an e-mail with a phone number for a mental health hotline just for asking him to stop defaming me and making false statements. 

Another party connected to all three of these people sent me e-mails calling me their plaything, telling me that they have "spies planted in my life," and told me that they are building an army to destroy me.  

Tyson Bottorff's response was visceral, violent, and suggests that this man desperately needs a mental health check.  He continued on with his "Matthew Berdyck gave me AIDS" rants and posted at least a hundred abusive comments all over my various Facebook Fan Pages. 

I want to stress that this has been going on for over 5 five months, this daily, aggressive harassment, but this is the first time I have chosen to publish any of this because I'd hoped they'd just go away.  

One important point to note is that these people have posted thousands of comments, videos, fake Fan Pages filled with harassment, about me, but look what happens when they get one little taste of their own medicine. 

All I have left to say is, meet Councilman Brian Myers and his "team."  This is St. Joseph's elected official, and how he does business.

A very sad state of affairs.  Whether you agree with me politically or not, Myers is proving one thing, that he is not fit to lead.