My Children Are Off Limits When It Comes To Political Battles In St. Joseph

Both myself and Councilman-at-large Brian Myers have a public disagreement.  This is fine. Adults often disagree about things.  But, for the last several months, Myers and his friend Peter John Ross, and KQ2 employee Jeremy Simerly have been publicly dragging both of my children into our political battle. 

Ross has been repeatedly and aggressively focusing my son and daughter, publicly accusing me of being a deadbeat Dad, even though I paid child support for my son and never missed a payment until the day he was 18 years old.  Both Myers and Ross have both taken great pleasure in dragging my minor daughter into their little public war against me, once again claiming I am a deadbeat Dad, even though I have repeatedly begged her mother to allow me to send money but she refuses to accept it.

They also have been publishing that I have had my kids removed from me by the courts, which is absolutely not true.  

Ross has feasted on the public abuse, spreading lies all over St. Joseph claiming I do not love my daughter, publicly exclaiming "That got a response!!" when I asked him to leave my children out of his games, which reveals that he's exploiting the subject of my kids just to cause me emotional distress. 

Even more sick and disturbing, a Facebook fan page has been sending me messages with sexually suggestive comments about my kids, messages accusing me of sexually abusing them, with the most disturbing and inappropriate commentary.  This Facebook page is run by a person who is directly associated with Councilman Brian Myers and when I have begged him to spare my children from his online abuse, he's done nothing but laughed in my face.

Recently, KQ2 employee, Jeremy Simerly has also been dropping my children, as a subject, in his psychotic commentary about me, which he has posted all over the internet. When I asked Andy House to remind his employees to back off from me and stop talking about my daughter, he made no response and no effort to tell KQ2 employee to stop attacking me. 

I've witnessed direct evidence of not only Myers being involved in this but Councilman Madison Davis, as well.  When I asked Davis to stop the attacks on my kids he said, "you are free to come to a council meeting to address your concerns," demonstrating that he also does not care if someone uses my son and daughter as political ammo.  

As a message to all parties involved, you are more than free to state your opinion of me, but you, Brian Myers, Madison Davis, KQ2 employee Jeremy Simerly and Peter John Ross, leave my children out of your games.  My kids will not be you political pawns, no matter what you think is going to happen.

If any one of you have an adult disagreement with me, you address it with me, and leave my kids out of it you vile child predators!