The Mechanics Of Being A National Traveler And The Misunderstandings It Creates

Over the last eight years, I have traveled to well over two-thousand five-hundred cities.

For comparison, during the height of Metallica's Black Album tour, they were doing about 250 cities a year, an amount that is less than the number of cities I have traveled to each year, on average.  The fact that my travels have been so prolific has created massive amounts of confusion from people who have not lived in my subjective world.

The average American lives in one city and has the ability to carefully craft their world and create safe surroundings.  They know not to go to certain stores or restaurants because of the bad service. They know not to talk to certain citizens or they will be dragged into various forms of drama.  Over time, when a single-city dweller is able to limit their contact with bad people, their world becomes more stable.  They have less negative experiences.  

I do not get that same latitude, in my life.  I am at a disadvantage in every new place I go to, in that I have no way to know what kind of situation I am walking into.  Many people have heard me speak about what I call Asshole Roulette, in that most of the time, I deal with fair and reasonable people, but about 1 in 25 of those people is someone looking to start shit, or is a business owner who is known for not being particularly reputable.  

An example is Larry Smithson, a bar owner in Des Moines, Iowa.  It wasn't until all hell broke loose in one of his bars that I learned that his establishments were considered a nuisance, by the city, police, and citizens.  If I had known this in advance, I wouldn't have even been there in the first place.  

A second example was the IHOP in St. Joseph, Missouri.  I have a statement, on film, from the waitress, "The police have been here for fights, every night this week."  Again, if I had been aware of this, I would have never gone there.  But, because I am at a disadvantage as a traveler and I am always "the new guy," I end up in bad situations that most people wouldn't end up in.  This phenomenon has the effect of making me look responsible for all of the drama that happens in my life when it's all comes down to random chance, like a game of roulette. 

Ernest Halcon, the former bodyguard for the LA County District Attorney said in an interview about me, "He has trouble with police everywhere he goes."  Halcon's statement could not be further from the truth.  In those two-thousand five-hundred cities, I have stood up against exactly four police departments.  

In spite of being branded as unstable and crazy, by Halcon and others, if one does a scan of the entire country, over those thousands of cities, they won't find a single police report with my name on it, that has arisen from my alleged instability.  Another thing that is not discussed is the fact that I get pulled over quite a bit.  I'd say that 99% of the time I deal with police officers who are decent guys.  Most of the time, they comment on how nice my BMW is or ask me how fast it goes.  

One example of a bad situation was the day I drove across Arkansas and got pulled over four times in one day, on the same highway.  On the third stop, the officer ripped me out of my car, slammed me on the hood, damaged my car, all because he'd had someone else pulled over and I didn't change lanes when I was passing him.  

The reason I didn't change lanes is that there was a car to my left which prevented me from moving out of the way.  He disrupted a traffic stop he was already conducting to chase me down.  

What he didn't realize is that at the time is that I was on the phone with his dispatcher, trying to report a car that had almost run me off the road, only five minutes earlier.  

I kept trying to tell him that his department was on speaker phone but he kept screaming "Shut the fuck up!!"  It wasn't until he handcuffed me, threw me in the back of his car, and pick up my phone that the dispatcher started speaking.  When he heard her voice, he froze solid, stopped everything he was doing, apologized to me, and let me go, only after damaging my $1000 watch with is handcuffs and leaving a dent in the hood of my BMW.  

When someone hears a story about me having problems in six cities, with police, to them that sounds like I am the source of the problem, but in all six of these cities, they are places where I have run campaigns and the group MBVR has orchestrated smear campaigns against me.  This leave roughly 2,594 cites where I have had no trouble whatsoever.  Those are pretty good odds.  

This is not the first time I have published a statement like this in the last six years, and the people that run smear campaigns against me are aware that I have different circumstances in my life, but they leave all of the above out because my actual reality is excessively corrosive to their agenda, the agenda that paints me as a "dangerous man," but denies the fact that even with PTSD, I have an exceptionally solid and stable life.