Matthew Berdyck Responds To Claims That Was Paid To Expose IT Federal

Based on Front Royal Captian Crystal Cline's statement in the Jennifer McDonald police interview, the Front Royal Police Department is in possession of a binder of investigatory information pertaining myself and my efforts to expose the IT Federal Deal. 

In Jennifer McDonald's statement, she says, "They hired him but he went to far," to which Crystal Cline responds, "Right. I have a whole binder on that."

I want to state, for the record, that I did not accept money from the Town of Front Royal to expose the IT Federal Deal. 

At no time did any money change hands between myself, or anyone associated with me, from the Town of Front Royal, it's employees, elected officials or any other agents.

Our sister orgnization,, does not raise funds or accept money to conduct our activities, nor have we ever accepted money or raised funds in the past.  The organization is and has always been entirtely self-funded.  

Even though we are not required to divulge the sources of our funding, we have been transparent.  All funding for SuperfundResearchorg comes from personal earnings from employement, gains on stock investments, and profits from real estate transactions.  

When Councilman Egger approached me, I did what I always do, I offered to discuss the matter over dinner. We dined at the Ashby Inn. I paid for the tab - $250 - and that was the last time I saw Councilman Egger or anyone else associated with The Town of Front Royal or Warren County.

Since I have been receiving e-mails, for the last two years, that the Front Royal police were in possession of a file my activities, I was modestly aware that this file exists and I have a good idea of what at least some of it contains.

Even though the Front Royal Police were in possession of this file, at no time did they make an effort to contact me, in spite of repeated claims, by Royal Examiner's Roger Bianchini, that the police wanted a "sit down" with me.