Front Royal Officials Exposed For Excessive Retaliation Against Daily Independent Journal

Front Royal, Virginia - Ever since I started receiving e-mails and messages from citizens in Front Royal and Warren County residents thanking me for my efforts to expose the IT Federal Deal and fraudulent $10m loan, I have been under aggressive attack public and private attack, from citizens and officials in the town and city, who desperately want to keep me away from Warren County.  

Behind these attacks is a political smear campaign organization which calls themselves MBVR, an acronym that stands for Matthew Berdyck Victim Resources.  MBVR is a group that formed many year ago that dedicated itself to fighting my efforts to expose cancer clusters, toxic ground water plumes, corrupt government officials and corruption in the US EPA's Superfund Project.  

All across the country, as I have fought powerful battles to save lives, this self-proclaimed vigilante group has dedicated itself to destroying everything I touch.  

In 2017, when I exposed the IT Federal Deal, members of MBVR worked with local citizens to help orchestrate the previously published vandalism to my home, in Linden.  Once the crimes were committed, MBVR posted evidence of these incidents, all over the internet and then sent them to me, used to intimidate me and publicly harass me into silence.  

The Warren County Sheriff's Department then refused to investigate this group, rather allowing them to chase the "loud mouth" out of town because the Sheriff and Jennifer McDonald are best buddies.  

MBVR uses many tactics to work to suppress my voice, including using a web of fake Facebook accounts to spread false information, accounts which many local residents have witnesses bombing the local Facebook groups, encouraging people to attack me, acting as an agent provocateur, or what is better known as a "paid troll," to most people. 

Once MBVR spreads this false information, citizens who fall for it begin waging aggressive cyber bullying campaigns against me, trashing my name and reputation and exploiting innocent people into doing their dirty work.  They call these citizens "useful idiots" or "proxy recruits."  After these attacks are complet, MBVR then postes the attacks as evidence of me "harassing people," even though anyone can see that I am the one being publicly harassed, sometimes by thousands of unsuspecting citizens at same time.  

Only a week ago, a false video began to circulate around the groups, published by an organization called AIRS PI, a local citizen and his wife - Mark and Kristen Hudjak - who are hell bent on framing me for a crime and keeping me away from any public proceedings, like council meetings, board of supervisors meetings, town council meetings, efforts meant to terrorize me into not appearing in Warren County, as these efforts are additionally being used to prevent me from filing civil lawsuits against the county and other parties.  

Vicki Agelopolous is a cyber crimes investigator, for the Ohio Attorney General's Office in Ohio, who was assisting me with the external matter of working to get the FBI involved in an investigation into MBVR.  MBVR has been party to committing numerous felonies against me, including assisting with violently chasing me out of multiple homes since I left Warren County.   In fact, due to this group and their ongoing activities, I have lived in six different cities since I left Virginia, living with the ongoing claim that I am a "fraud," over my work exposing IT Federal.  

Today, AIRS PI published evidence that they attempted to manipulate the cyber crimes investigator in Ohio and that employees and police officials in Warren County also participated in this effort.  That's right, folks, these people actually attempted to disrupt an investigation into the very group that they are working with, trying to sever me from obtaining any form of justice for the absurd harasssment and crimes committed against me, a completely self serving act on the part of AIRS PI. 

It seems that as I am fighting to expose corruption, the Town Council, the Front Royal Police are almost literally doing everything they can to make sure I am kept silent, including attempting to manipulate the FBI and the Ohio Attorney General's Office. 

In spite of repeatedly attempting to give evidence to AIRS PI which shows that, at no time, did I communicate with them, they continue to publish these vicious and vile attacks, admitting they are working with this MBVR group, as my e-mail inboxes are inundated with threatening e-mails, telling me I am going to be arrested if I come near Warren County.  

AIRS PI claims to have no assocation with MBVR, and to not be aware of them, but I can present that I have attempted to warn AIRS PI no less than 100 times about MBVR, with MBVR even sending me e-mails admitting that AIRS PI is working with them and has communicated with them.  

Gordon Foster has dozens and dozens of e-mails from MBVR, over the last ten days, but the Warren County Sheriff's Office has continued to look the other way, even though they clearly have jurisdiciton over this entire affair, as they allow MBVR to operate within Warren County because they are trying to protect the Sheriff. 

The local FBI office has refused to investigate the break-ins that happened at my home in 2017, even though I was disabled at the time I was chased from my home, making this a felony, federal hate crime, giving federal agents jurisdictin over the affair.  Gordon Foster stated, in 2017, that this FBI office that is communicating with AIRS PI refused to get involved and allowed the violations of federal law, also working to protect the corrupt officials in Warren County.

This is not the first time that Daily Independent Journal has been harassed by the FBI. We were raided by agents from Kansas City, only four days after opening our doors, when we pubished about corruption in the police and local elected officials in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Thr reality is that most low level FBU agents are complete clowns operatin with no oversight, who frequently get away with breaking the law, as a recent study revealed, promping the director of the FBI to publicly apologize and promise to "do a better job."

The FBI is not allowed to retaliate or question journalists or citizens that publish articles about corrupt police or elected officials and this act is a violation of federal law.  The FBI working with AIRS PI, while not comunicating with us, is an egregious violation of the public trust, especially since they are sitting in on the grand jury interviews. 

A few days ago, I was suddenly dragged back into this IT Federal business, even though I had completely buried the incident in the back of my mind and moved on with my life.  Once everything went down, I was pulled into this madness into as I am still trying to find a home where I will not be threatened and harassed by MBVR, who have used the subject of the IT Federal Deal to accuse me of being a fraud, something they were actually getting away with until the EDA filed the $17 million dollar lawsuit, and to disrupt my causes all over the country.  

As I am repeatedly thanked and asked to keep fighting, by citizens in Warren County, which I am trying to do, I am also being subject to the most aggressive kind of public harassment from hundreds of citizens who have been lied to by AIRS PI, as family members of this person lob public threats of violence towards me, even though I had never heard of these people until they started waging a political battle against me.  

The following e-mails show, published by AIRS PI, themselves, the leadership in Front Royal is hard at work, continuing to orchestrate a massive scheme to prevent me from telling my story, working to silence me, or the very same scam that was used on the public when I exposed the IT Federal Deal two years ago, as the police, FBI and local officials sit back and watch, fully aware of what is happening but failing to act.  

What most people in Warren County don't understand is that I have traveled to 2,500 cities and have been involved in hundreds of causes.  I am not just fighting in Warren County, but have work going on in cities, towns and villages all over The United States, for 

Over the years, as I have grown more and more powerful, this created a series of events in my life that are far outside what most normal citizens will ever experience, giving me an unlikely - but very true - story but also subjecting me to the allegation that I am crazy when I talk about what MBVR is up to.  

This morning, I received yet another contact from MBVR, saying, "The best trick that the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he does not exist."  

I want to state, for the record, I only have one mission, to make sure that Front Royal and Warren County officials are held responsible for their ridiculous crimes against the citizens and that - as usual - there is a small group of people, including local officials, police, FBI and local fire officials who are working day and night to suppress my voice, with the help of the criminal cyber terrorism organization MBVR.  

Today, their little plot was exposed.