Editorial: Former LA County DA Body Guard Branded Me As Anti-Police To Prevent Police From Investigating His Own Crimes Against Me

The media has gone right along with it, for the same reasons

Los Angeles, Calfornia - If there is one thing that is true about me, in all the mish-mash of ridiculous allegations that have been made about me during my career as a filmmaker, activist, and journalist, is that I am only guilty of having a life that most people can't process or compare to their own.  

The result is that I am vastly misunderstood.  

Over the course of the last 8 years, I have traveled 660,000 miles to over 2,700 cities, met tens of thousands of people and generated well over 10,000,000 unique readers.  I have to continually repeat that last statement in every editorial I publish for a few simple reasons. 

My career echoes Metallica's career, in many ways.  For the first ten years of their career, the only type of media they'd generated was negative, with only 3 radio stations playing their music during the run of their first four albums.    In spite of this, today, Metallica is now the highest concert ticket-selling act in music history, racking up a whopping $1.4 billion dollars in ticket sales.  

They were outspoken and anti-establishment.  I am outspoken and anti-establishment.  They traveled to thousands of cities.  I traveled to thousands of cities, actually visiting more places each year on average than the legendary thrash metal band, themselves, during their largest tours, with them doing roughly 250 cities a year, as I have easily done 300 a year, or more, of the nine months of each year that I travel.  

In my own career, in the first seven years, I've only generated nine sentences of positive media, and over a half a dozen negative articles, in spite of nothing less than a prolific, artistic body of work and charitable giving, while being involved in hundreds of causes, from investigating and exposing cancer clusters to being the first person to expose the corruption at the Region 5 EPA that later led to the Flint Water Crisis.  

I spoke with a former journalist from Flint, Michigan, a few days ago, who apologized for what media has done to my career.  

We were speaking on the subject of media suppression and how dangerous it is - False news can be corrected.  Suppressed media cannot - when we both realized that even though I had made great contributions to Flint, Michigan, she had never heard of me, that due to media suppression, she realized that part of my career has been erased to the point that she had no idea who I am. 

The erasure of my career has left me in a position where virtually anyone can lob an attack at me or call me a fraud and there is not much I can do to defend myself, as millions of people have been manipulated by the web of false information that has been published about me.

Enter Ernest Halcon, the former bodyguard for the LA County DA's office, a man who has aggressively pursued me and helped wage a vicious disinformation and cyber harassment campaign against me, one which has broken many, many laws, in the interest what he calls "vigilante justice."

It's pretty clear to any reasonably educated person that I am a victim of a stalker.  Obviously, the only way to stop these people is to get the police involved.  

How does a former FBI agent and police officer block those investigations?  

Halcon plays on anti-whistleblower culture within police agencies, the propensity for police to protect their own, by claiming I fight the police in every city where I travel.  He stated as such in an interview that he'd conducted about me. 

An example of this is when I fought the police in St. Joseph, Missouri after I'd become the victim of an LGBT hate crime and they'd refused to investigate or charge the attacker and the later fought to reform the St. Joseph Police, in the interest of public safety. 

In a conversation with now-retired Agent Andrew Thomure, he directly repeated Halcon's words about me, saying, "Oh you have a problem with the police everywhere you go!"

Thomure's statement demonstrates how Halcon managed to manipulate an FBI agent into dropping a potential DoJ investigation into the St. Joseph Police Department, a city where there has been a 56% rise in violent crime, in the last 5 years, as the police do virtually nothing to fix the problem, continually blaming the prosecutor's office.  

All of this begs the question, have I fought or exposed the corruption of the police in every city I have been to?  

The answer is no.  Of those 2,700 cities, I have fought only three public battles against police departments.  

In fact, fighting the police isn't even within the scope of what I do for a living, as a person who mainly focuses on toxic waste, the US EPA and its corrupt contractor system, cancer clusters, Superfund remediations, and other environmental issues.  

Halcon's statements were self-self serving, completely false, and were only made so that he could encourage police officials to drop investigations into his own conduct.  

The reality is that I have had private battles with roughly 14 police departments around the country, in the capacity of trying to get Halcon and others investigated for cybercrimes.  

It's a creative scam that he's running: Steadfastly cyberstalk me, cause crimes to be committed against me, and then use his own public harassment campaigns to prevent an investigation into his own conduct.  When the police fall for his ruse, it starts a battle and then he claims I am anti-police when I try to defend myself and demand an investigation. 

Of course, if the thousands of media outlets I have interacted with over the years had written articles about me, over the years, Halcon wouldn't be able to target me at all and I'd not be dealing with any of this.  

In the media, the same concept being used by police, journalists will also very rarely expose other journalists for printing false media, like the articles about me on Creators.com, Royal Examiner, and other smaller media outlets, all attacking me, all published by people connected to Halcon and his group of vigilantes. 

As with the police, all of this has started additional battles with journalists, leaving Halcon and friends to them claim I am harassing journalists who are doing nothing more than erasing my career and causing all of this to continue by not allowing me a chance to tell my side of the story.  

Today, as I sit here fighting to restore my career, after Hacon's scheme has burned me to the ground, I am falling victim, once again to Ernest and his predatory internet scam, as an anonymous account connected to him is sending messages to KTLA, with a list of police and FBI officials who have refused to investigate his crimes.

They're using the police who have refused to investigate, as references, so that his vigilante group can kill a story about a high-speed bus accident I was involved in a few days ago, which left me broken and bruised.  

Why do this?  Because that piece of media would work to bury a piece of his powerful disinformation campaigns, causing more people to support me, thus eventually allowing me to stand up and expose what he's done and how many people he has hurt with his psychotic obsession over my vastly misunderstood career.  

You see, If the media started writing about me, Halcon and his group of merry marauders are exposed and they lose everything.  

The only risk I face is having my story told and becoming the next Metallica.