St. Joe Police Issue Alleged False Statement As Prosecutor Refutes SJPD Claims

Buchanan County Prosecutor denies claims that St. Joseph PD submitted case for investigation

In late July, Matthew Berdyck, Daily Independent Journal publisher, became the victim of an alleged crime, a robbery attempt, and an assault.  

St. Joseph Police Office of Professional Standards Officer, Dan Sweiger, became involved, opened an investigation into the crime, and an investigation into the officers who appeared at the scene of the crime, that had allegedly failed to do their jobs.  

Officer Dan Sweiger told Daily Independent Journal that SJPD had investigated the case, found evidence for charges, and had scheduled an evidence review with the Buchanan County Prosecutor's Office.  

Today, we received the following statement from Sweiger, indicating that both the city prosecutor and the county prosecutor had reviewed the case and declined to press charges, that a second matter had been referring to the FBI, and that an investigation into the conduct of the officer continues. 

Daily Independent Journal contacted Buchanan County Prosecutor Dwight Scroggins, who issued the following statement, stating that the the St. Joseph Police had submitted no case to his office.  

During the alleged investigation, which has now continued for almost forty days, Dan Sweiger has continually blamed the prosecutor for the delays in the investigation and has made repeated allegations that the prosecutor is to blame for the rising crime rates in St. Joseph.

Violent crime rates, in St. Joseph, have risen 56% in the last 5 years.  

Dan Sweiger is the St. Joseph Police officer responsible for investigating police misconduct, and serves as the only officer in the Office of Professional Standards.