Slipknot Drops Halloween Treat With New Song And Video 'All Out Life'

Slipknot surprised their fans, today, with a Halloween treat, by dropping a new single for their song 'All Out Life,' coupled with a video directed by Slipknot member Shawn "Clown" Crahan.  

The song recalls elements of their first major studio release, eponymously titled Slipknot, with the new single containing many signature elements of legendary producer Ross Robinson's production style, even though guitarist Jim Root has publicly denied Robinson's involvement. 

Vocalist, Corey Taylor, released the statement: "'All Out Life' is a song that is trying to do two things: bring everyone together, but also remind everyone that the past is not something to be discarded with disdain."

Taylor continued, "People are so eager to find the Next Big Thing sometimes that they shit all over the bands and artists that have come before, thus making the past feel disposable, like a dirty thing." 

While Slipknot has not confirmed if this is the first single from a coming new album, Crahan said, "It's a fitting taste to get you to the next thing. Get ready for what's to come."