Photo credit Daily Mail

Cosby Show Actor Spotted Working As Cashier At Trader Joe's

Geoffrey Owens, 57, who starred on the now infamous Cosby Show, was spotted in New Jersey, working as a cashier for Trader Joe's, reportedly making $11 an hour.  

An astute fan noticed him, and snapped a photo of Owens sporting a greying beard and a messy shirt, which was dirty because he actually works for a living.   

Often, actors in Hollywood get a big break, end up losing their status, and go back to working regular jobs.  

Owens played Elvin, a character who often offered up degrading opinions of women, but later had his behavior corrected by the then role model, Bill Cosby.  

There was no confirmation whether Owens' job at Trader Joe's was a result of financial losses caused by the cancellation of the Cosby Show, after Cosby was found guilty of a drugging and sexually assaulting women, earlier this year.